Hue Sightseeing Ticket Price to City Monuments

  If you travel to Hue Vietnam on your own, this guideline is helpful to provide you some useful information on Dress Code, Opening/Closing Time/Hours, Hue Sightseeing/Entrance Ticket Price,... for your Hue Self Guided Tour. Here is the list of Entrance Fees to the Hue World Heritage Monuments applied from 1st Jan 2021 (Children under 7 years old is free of charge):  1. Hue Entry Tickets of each single site - Valid in a Day (Applied from 1st Jan - 31st Dec 2022): No Tickets for Single Sites Ticket Price (vnd/person) I Ticket Prices for Adult:      1. Hue Imperial Citadel (Royal Palace + Forbidden City + Royal Antiquities Museum)  200.000    2. Hue Royal Tombs (Mausoleums): Minh Mang ,